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5 Tips to Get Sales from your Real Estate Newsletters

5 Tips to Get Sales from your Real Estate Newsletters

A real estate newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with past clients and real estate leads, remain “top of mind,” and build loyalty. Here are a few key tips that will help you be successful with your own real estate newsletter.

1. Use good content always.

Good content marketing is meant to help, not sell, and engage your reader through interesting topics. For a newsletter to be effective, it can’t be advertising or self-serving in nature. It needs to contain valuable articles and information that people are looking for.

When you provide information of value, you build trust and credibility, as well as position yourself as an expert in your field.

2. Grab your audience’s attention

In addition to sending valuable information, you need to make sure that the newsletter grabs your recipients’ attention and is interesting. One way to keep it interesting is to include eye-catching images and have a nicely designed, professional-looking layout.

Real Estate Newsletters in Alicante

Stock corporate art, colours that aren’t your brand, and formatting that doesn’t work for all device types are all elements that you need to address in order to build a highly read and engaged newsletter. Your newsletter should also be representative of you and your brand too from colours to subject material.

Don’t forget to use strong subject lines. You need to take advantage of this short text opportunity to create intrigue for higher open rates, build trust with your readers, and be short and to the point.

3. Showcase Your Great Listings

Do you have a lot of listings on your website? You can use your newsletter to keep buyers aware of your (and others) listings in the area.

Your company is in the business of creating real estate opportunities and not waiting for them. Include in your newsletter what you feel are the “best buys” on the market. Give the readers a bit more than the standard real estate listing they are used to. It’s okay to include your personality a little - people appreciate a real voice!

4. Include call to actions

Just because the newsletters you’re sending aren’t about getting the business right now, doesn’t mean you can’t be ready to do business with someone when they’re ready. Your newsletters should make it incredibly simple for people to get in touch with you, refer friends, and more.

Decide what you want them to do! Give a call? Visit your website? Read your latest blog post? Whatever it is, make it obvious and simple. Provide links or buttons that will bring the reader back to your website, your blog, or to a particular listing.

5. Never forget to include your contact & social information

Real Estate Newsletters in Alicante


While your newsletters come from your email address (or at least they should), people still need multiple ways to get in touch with you both online and offline. Make it easy for them to find you and do not just throw a bunch of text into your email signature.

MPI advises your Real Estate to create effective newsletters

In MPI we optimize your online presence with many techniques that will help your estate agency to achieve sales from your potential customers. Call us, tell us what you want to sell and we’ll tell you how to.

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