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7 Ways to Earn Traffic & Leads for your Real Estate Website

7 Ways to Earn Traffic & Leads for your Real Estate Website

More than ever, people head online when it comes to looking for homes and finding Estate Agents. Read on to discover how you can leverage a real estate website to capture traffic and leads.

Simply creating a website doesn’t mean that it will automatically bring in qualified leads. You have to earn web traffic. After all, how can anyone turn into a lead unless they actually visit your site?

What strategies are integral to your site’s ability to earn sustained web traffic? Let’s dig in:

1. Focus on Local SEO First

Why do you care what search engines think of your website? You care because search engines are the information distributors of the Internet; they pair every user typing in a search with a custom list of websites that pertains to their search.

Most estate agents service multiple cities and regions. However, when you start your website, you must focus on the main city you do business in first. From there, build out silos that target other areas.

2. Look after the Functionality of your Site

What are your search tools like? How easily can a person navigate through your online listings? If a person wants to contact your office, is it a simple process for them to do so? The answers to these questions reveal how well your site functions for the average buyer and seller.

Real Estate Marketing Experts in Alicante

Can your site provide popular segments of listings to buyers who are new to the area or buyers who want to explore your inventory? Recommended searches help guide visitors through your listings and demonstrate your authority as a trusted resource.

Can buyers located your listings on a map? Can they draw boundaries around a body of water in your town or maybe a desirable neighbourhood in your area? An interactive map allows buyers to get a birds-eye view of your region and geographically tailor their search to their own needs.

3. Bet on High Quality Content

One of the best things you can do for your real estate website is to write unique, industry-related posts. Every time that you create a post or piece of news, it’s another indexed page that Google can use to help your website organically rank for real estate related terms. This means that when people conduct real estate searches, your website is more likely to appear and therefore draw traffic to your site.

These contents will be also resourceful to get traffic from the Social Media Networks or the Email Marketing tools such a Newsletter, for instance.

4. Use Google Adwords

Paid advertising is the perfect complement to an SEO strategy. Consider using Google Adwords to target specific audiences based on real estate related searches. Point these ads to relevant landing pages on your site so that when a person clicks on an ad, they arrive on a page that provide information specific to their search online.

5. Presence in Social Media as well as Campaigns in them.

When it comes to client relations, social media is a great way to start relationships or strengthen existing ones. While every real estate agent should use some form of social media to promote their business, this type of marketing is only effective if you do it correctly.

Social media ads – while best for brand visibility – can also drive a steady flow of web traffic to your website. From what our company has seen, Facebook ads are usually the most effective strategy for Estate Agents.

6. Calls-to-Actions

A call-to-action is an instruction to your audience to complete an immediate action. If you don’t use strategic calls-to-action in your marketing approach, then you’re missing out on increased web traffic to your website. Beyond that, once a visitor comes to your site, then you’re missing out on engagement opportunities from registration widgets, contact links, and “ask a question” forms that increase engagement and lead conversions.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing not only makes it easier for you to stay in touch with an unlimited number of clients and prospects, but it can also play a huge role in building lasting relationships and closing sales.

People who are looking for a house understand it’s a long process, one that requires time, devotion, and research. As a result, potential buyers will be a captive audience for real estate email marketing efforts because they’ll view every email as the one that could feature the house of their dreams.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to add their emails to a subscriber list where you can slowly feed them information through occasional email blasts or a strategic drip campaign.

Let MPI Help you Build Your Online Presence

Real Estate Marketing Experts in Alicante

In MPI, as Real Estate Marketing Experts, we can help you drive more visitors and leads to your Estate Agent Website. We optimize and improve your online presence with real results so your estate agency is more visible from now and your users become clients. Call us, tell us what you want to sell and we’ll tell you how to.

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