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How to Create Killer Web Content for your Real Estate Website

How to Create Killer Web Content for your Real Estate Website

Use these strategies, ideas and topics to create real estate content to drive more traffic to your agent website.

Previously, it has been mentioned in this space the huge relevance of killer web content in our Real Estate website. Just summarizing, a good content...

  • Drives more visitors to your site. 
  • Improves the SEO.
  • Guarantees the success of our Social Media Strategy. 
  • Serves as a “hook” for email marketing and newsletters

The fact is that there isn't anything especially new in the concept of using content to attract customers. It is something that advertisers and marketers used to do long ago. What's new is the importance that content marketing has acquired in the last years with the popularization of the Internet.

Content marketing is the act of creating content – blogs, articles, videos, etc. – that people want to read and watch. By using these techniques, you are meeting a need that people have, and ultimately becoming a trusted source of information on real estate.

In this post, we are going to give you some ideas that maybe you can put into practice in order to improve the content of your real estate website. Let's go.

Understand your audience's needs.

Maybe the best point to consider is that commonly the best real estate blog content is not just necessarily about real estate. A good piece of advice is to think in all those topics that our customers use to find services and products related with your activity.

Marketing Online for Estate Agents

Try to find out where your audience is emotionally. Figure out what they're insecure about, what scares them, what they most need in the moment that they're visiting your site or looking for services like the ones you provide.

If your contents focus on topics that the public frequently searches for online you would increase our opportunities to impact in our targeted market. Besides, if those contents give the potential customer the answers they were looking for, not only they would take you into account but also your company can be one of your first choices.

Real Estate Topics for your Website or Blog.

The following is a list of ideas that you may use in the blog posts of your Real Estate Website.

Top Ranked Lists.

Make ranked lists of everything related to your local community and the locations where your houses are placed: different categories of restaurants, attractions, parks, lunch spots, professional services, schools, colleges, weekend destinations, festivals, street markets etc. Everyone wants to make a Top 10 list, and when they make yours they will share it with everyone.

You probably already know a lot about your area. That’s information that people are probably looking for online. Write contents hat cover your local knowledge. If people think you are an expert on the area where they want to buy or sell, they are more likely to hire you as their agent.

Marketing Online for Estate Agents

You can even add lists of things that you know such for example your products. For instance, you can list the most spectacular pools on the properties of your site and include awesome photos.

How to.

Provide very simple instructional information like “How to find the property you are looking for in Costa Blanca” or “How to prepare for a buyer's home inspection”. 

Lists of Upcoming Events in your City or Area.

You can summarize relevant information about events that are going to happen in the place where you work and your products are located like musical concerts, live entertainment, sports events, festivals, art shows/fairs, running events and museum exhibits.

Featured Locations.

You can also write about the amenities of a specific city, location or neighbourhood. Shoot photos and/or video of the beaches, restaurants, attractions, walking trails, parks, local shopping, nicest homes of your catalogue etc.

Business Promotion.

Other strategy of content creation consists in promoting a local business,  for example a home builder or preferred vendor. They will likely share it online heavily and maybe they will return the favour by referring you to people they know buying and selling real estate.

If you need more guidelines about the content of your website or other things related to your Internet Marketing, call MPI. We are real estate marketing experts who optimize and improve your online presence with real results.

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